Big City Greens
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1Space Chicken/Steak Night0
2Cricket Versus/Blue Tater0
3Swimming Fool/Tilly's Goat0
4Cricketsitter/Backflip Bill0
5Gramma's License/Bear Trapped0
6Photo Op/Remy Rescue0
7Gridlocked/Mama Bird0
8Welcome Home/Raccooned0
9Fill Bill/Critterball Crisis0
10Parade Day/DIY Guys0
11Gargoyle Gals/Supermarket Scandal0
12Barry Cuda/Suite Retreat0
13Family Legacy/Paint Misbehavin'0
14Rated Cricket/Homeshare Hoedown0
15Cricket's Shoes/Feud Fight0
16Breaking News/Cyberbullies0
17Tilly Tour/Dinner Party0
18Coffee Quest/Phoenix Rises1
19Blood Moon0
20Big Deal/Forbidden Feline0
22Harvest Dinner/Winner Winner0
23Night Bill/Cheap Snake0
24Hiya Henry/People Watching0
25Valentine's Dance/Green Streets0
26Hurty Tooth/Sleepover Sisters0
27Trailer Trouble/Mansion Madness0
28Park Pandemonium/Cricket's Biscuits0
29Skunked/Axin' Saxon0
30Cricket's Place/Volunteer Tilly1
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