Fantastic Four: The Animated Series

Behold the Negative Zone - S1-E12

Audio problem: When Reed is saying "I'm afraid that's only part of the problem. That insectoid creature is loose somewhere in New York," his mouth movement is largely out of sync with the dialogue. (00:05:34)

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Superskrull - S1-E7

Audio problem: When Reed says "Exactly" after Johnny notes that Super Skrull has whole planet source backing him up, his mouth is closed for the third syllable. (00:17:34)

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Fantastic Four: The Animated Series mistake picture

Nightmare in Green - S2-E9

Deliberate mistake: When Johnny is watching the news footage of the Hulk battling Thing, all the footage is merely clips from that portion of the episode, including parts of the battle that were happening before the camera crews even showed up. (00:02:50 - 00:07:20)

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Answer: Gleaned from the Internet: Much of the negative reaction was due to the poor, simplistic, and outdated quality of the animation where the characters moved stiffly and clumsily through scenes. There were also some obvious animation compositing gaffs. The animation colors were also criticized as being overly bright and cheery and out of character to the established story's darker tone. The broad humor of the first season was replaced by a more mature narrative between the characters.

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