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5 other mistakes in Chapter 16: The Rescue

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Chapter 16: The Rescue - S2-E8

Other mistake: The highly advanced and powerful Dark Troopers, when faced with a closed blast door, punch it repeatedly with their fists rather than simply prying the two doors apart. Even having dented it slightly, they don't wedge their hands into the cracks to open it, they just keep slowly denting it...more.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Suggested correction: The reason why the Dark Troopers didn't wedge their hands through the door was because during that time the door was already closed shut when they arrived at the bay door. If you watch at the beginning where Mando was trying to close the door before the Dark Troopers and exit their station but as Mando was closing the door the door wasn't fully closed but it was closing, so a Dark Trooper used its hand to open the door while the door was closing. If the door was closed then they would have punched their way through. And as you can see if you watch one dark trooper escaped but the others had to punch their way though.

Not my point. They manage to dent the door easily enough. So when faced with a closed door they could have made a dent, then put their hands into that crack to pull the sides apart. But they don't, they just keep slowly hammering it. They weren't punching through, just denting it, pointlessly.

Jon Sandys Premium member

The first Dark Trooper also punches the Mandalorian's helmet repeatedly instead of any other fighting move, and the Dark Troopers try to punch their way through the blast doors on the cruiser's bridge instead of cutting, tearing or shooting their way in. It seems their programming is limited in this way. This is still a mistake but it becomes a deliberate mistake or a character mistake.

Chapter 16: The Rescue - S2-E8

Other mistake: The inexplicably omniscient Moff Gideon mentions that Mando fired his wrist launcher's "one and only salvo." This would confirm what could be assumed by the dialogue with the Armorer in episode 1.3: the Whistling Birds are rare, and made of Beskar. Mando uses them in 1.3 immediately, then he still has them in 1.6 to use them against Burg. He replenishes his ammo in the season finale so we can assume that includes the birds. In season 2 he uses them in 2.1 in the prologue and then in 2.6. Seems abnormal to say the least that he'd have still some to use in 2.8 with no more refills.

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Chapter 16: The Rescue - S2-E8

Other mistake: Shoulder to shoulder, Cara Dune and Fennec Shand advance shooting Stormtroopers on a bridge. But look where Ming-Na Wen is aiming; she's never gonna hit anything in front of her, and if there's any threat all the way to the left where she is pointing her blaster, it is never shown. (00:14:50)

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Chapter 16: The Rescue - S2-E8

Other mistake: Moff Gideon is holding the Child under the threat of the darksaber. He tells Mando "Drop the blaster." Mando killed the two last enemies with his spear (the second one even choking him with it) and went straight to open the door of the cell, no blaster in hand. (00:20:00)

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Chapter 7: The Reckoning - S1-E7

Plot hole: The boss of the boss murders Werner Herzog because he knows that the baby is not in the crib. Yet it takes Mando's message (somehow intercepted) for the troopers to start moving in pursuit. The heck were they waiting for? They have overwhelming forces in the area and a previous deal with Karga. (00:33:10)

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Trivia: The series is set in between the events of the original "Star Wars" trilogy and the sequel trilogy. More specifically, it is set about five years after the conclusion of "Return of the Jedi," and around twenty-five years before the events of "The Force Awakens."


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Chapter 13: The Jedi - S2-E5

Question: Ahsoka's "head-tails" (called Lekku, technically) seem to have creases in them. Are these meant to be scars from battles, or are they just folds in whatever material was used to make the prosthetics? With all the high production values elsewhere, this would seem to be a fairly ropey oversight if so.

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Chosen answer: They could be just like wrinkles from age, like the elderly Togruta in the Zygerrian slaver arc in The Clone Wars series, as Ahsoka is considerably older than her animated appearances. I think there is probably a character design/stylisation aspect to it as well - the other Togruta we've seen in live action, Shaak Ti, has four segments or folds in her lekku that were not visible in her Clone Wars appearances, so it would seem the character design in Clone Wars and Rebels reduces such features.

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