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2 mistakes in Broken Arrow

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Broken Arrow - S2-E9

Other mistake: Before the downed airplane pilots were identified as Russian they spoke perfect English. No accent. The minute they were identified as Russian they began speaking English with a Russian accent.


Broken Arrow - S2-E9

Factual error: An unidentified airplane has crossed into Canadian airspace. The pilot flying right seat orders the left seat pilot to climb to 15,000 feet. This in itself is odd, because the Aircraft Commander flies the left seat, and bombers would be much higher than that in the first place. The pilot advances four throttles to initiate the climb, typical of a four engine reciprocating engine plane. When we see an outside shot what is shown is a twin engine jet aircraft. And the interior shots of the wreckage later are also wrong for the era too. (00:02:00)


Hopkinsville - S2-E4

Trivia: If you look closely, that Bourbon that Captain Quinn is drinking is called "Ruppelt Bourbon", a nod to the real-life Captain Ed Ruppelt, the first Director of Project Blue Book, and who the character of Captain Quinn is partially based. Thanks to David O'Leary for the information. (00:18:20)

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