Payback - S2-E18

Stupidity: The Seal team is sent to apprehend an HVT. Their insertion didn't require a long hike. Usually on long range recons where Seals walk 20+ kms and don't fix to get into a gun fight they don't wear plate carriers with ballistic plates due to the weight and extra body heat generated. However on this op their journey was short, and they knew they were going to get contact inside a structure where getting shot is more likely since it's close quarters battle, but they didn't wear plate carriers. (00:24:30 - 00:26:00)

All Along the Watchtower: Part 2 - S3-E6

Continuity mistake: The team and the hostages escape from the compound in an SUV and a school bus with the SUV in the lead. They are being pursued by a small truck with a mounted machine gun which starts firing on the school bus. They switch positions, moving the SUV behind the bus so that they can protect the hostages and return fire. The next shot in the command post via a drone shows the original lineup, with the school bus behind the SUV.


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Credible Threat - S1-E18

Question: It shows the tier 1 operators taking the congressman and other officials through the hospital with photographers and film crews everywhere. Aren't tier 1 operators identities supposed to be unknown? Why would they be visible in such a high profile scene?

Answer: They should be wearing balaclavas. They do such operations usually on foreign soil.

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