Star Trek: Discovery

Such Sweet Sorrow: Part 2 - S2-E14

Stupidity: The Admiral stays behind to manually pully the blast door lever, sealing off the torpedo from the rest of the ship but dooming herself in the process. Thing is, the lever is right next to the door, takes minimal effort to pull down, and the door moves pretty slowly - they could easily have wrapped a shirt or something around it and pulled it down from outside. Or even taken a gamble, yanked it and dived under the door. Instead she just locks herself in and waits.

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Through the Valley of Shadows - S2-E12

Stupidity: Burnham and Spock find one person alive from the otherwise-dead crew, miraculously. They know Control can infect humans, they know how advanced it is, the entire setup screams "trap", and yet they don't even question whether Gant even might be under Control's...well, control. A simple scan would have turned up anomalies and they could have avoided what followed.

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The War Without, the War Within - S1-E14

Other mistake: In dialogue, Starbase 1 is described as "100 AU from Earth," which is over three times the orbital distance of Neptune, but still within the Solar System. But the onscreen graphic shows the starbase next to a planet that can be visually recognized as Earth; portions of North America, including the Florida peninsula and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, are visible.


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Such Sweet Sorrow: Part 2 - S2-E14

Question: Jumping to the future to preserve the sphere data was meant to be so that Control couldn't get hold of it. But Control is neutralised before the jump, drones all dead in the water, it's utterly destroyed. So what's the threat? Why jump at all?

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Answer: Perhaps they didn't want to take the risk that Control - a tactical and strategic analysis program - would choose to place its entire core programming into a single fragile human body (Leland), despite previously demonstrating the ability to decentralise, duplicate and transfer itself to numerous computer, cybernetic and organic systems. If any trace of the Control program still existed, it could make another attempt to seize the sphere data.

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