Star Trek: Discovery
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Season 1
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1 The Vulcan Hello 0
2 Battle at the Binary Stars 0
3 Context is for Kings 0
4 The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry 0
5 Choose Your Pain 0
6 Lethe 0
7 Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad 0
8 Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum 0
9 Into the Forest I Go 0
10 Despite Yourself 0
11 The Wolf Inside 0
12 Vaulting Ambition 0
13 What's Past is Prologue 0
14 The War Without, the War Within 1
15 Will You Take My Hand? 0

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In dialogue, Starbase 1 is described as "100 AU from Earth," which is over three times the orbital distance of Neptune, but still within the Solar System. But the onscreen graphic shows the starbase next to a planet that can be visually recognized as Earth; portions of North America, including the Florida peninsula and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, are visible.



Paul says to Dr Cruz that they will take a trip to La Boheme. That is an homage to Paul's role on Rent, where he sings La Vie Boheme.