Bull (2016)

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 The Necklace 0
2 The Woman in 8D 0
3 Unambiguous 0
4 Callisto 0
5 Just Tell the Truth 0
6 Bedside Manner 0
7 Never Saw the Sign 0
8 Too Perfect 0
9 Light My Fire 0
10 E.J. 0
11 Teacher's Pet 0
12 Stockholm Syndrome 0
13 The Fall 0
14 It's Classified 0
15 What's Your Number? 0
16 Free Fall 1
17 Name Game 0
18 Dressed to Kill 0

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Almost all the people being shown skydiving have no experience doing it, but the instructor allows them to jump out of the plane unassisted after only giving a theoretic introduction into the subject. First time skydivers are always assisted in some fashion, usually through a tandem-jump or a parachute opened by a line attached to the plane.