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Luke Cage (2016)

1 mistake in Suckas Need Bodyguards

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Suckas Need Bodyguards - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Luke, Claire, and Scarfe are running from Cottonmouth's men, Luke stops to shield them from bullets. He takes several shots to the back, then turns around and gets shot several more times in his torso while approaching the men. Later, Claire mentions his "swiss cheese" shirt but his hoodie has no holes in the front side. (00:44:00 - 00:48:40)

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Blowin' Up the Spot - S1-E8

Trivia: Just after Diamondback knocks out Misty, Luke walks out and we see a dumpster that reads "Timely Trash." A reference to Timely comics, the predecessor to Marvel.


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