Full Circle

Full Circle (2013)

2 mistakes

Houserman & D'andres - S3-E3

Factual error: The Secret Service Special Agent identifies himself to Mr. Houserman as a Treasury Department Agent in the employ of the United States Secret Service. After 9/11, the US Secret Service was moved from the Treasury Department to the Department of Homeland Security.



Medina & Hidell - S3-E7

Factual error: Medina threatens call Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to have Hidell's family deported. CBP doesn't deport people that are already in the USA. She should have threaten to call ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Hidell claims he was held in a CBP detention center at Homestead. ICE has detention centers not CBP and there is no detention center at Homestead.





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