The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

The Lemonade Stand - S1-E14

Other mistake: When LB comes into Tweeg's room and he sees him covered in spots and he is discoloured he freaks out. Why does he freak out? He just saw Tweeg in the previous episode all covered in spots so he should know that it's him.

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Suggested correction: A fob's colour can change due to water from rainbow falls.

Not In This Case, Because In The Episode Titled "Uncle Grubby" Fuzz Says, "I Don't Live By Rainbow Falls, And I'm Colurful!"

But in the same episode when the two fobs show up to get their eggs back they mention that rainbow falls has many underground springs.

Guest of the Grunges - S1-E3

Other mistake: When Teddy says "When is this celebration of yours going to start?" His face freezes with his mouth open, and his hand freezes in the up position.

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Suggested correction: That was actually in season 1 episode 3 that it happened, towards the end of the episode.

The Fabled Fobs - S1-E11

Continuity mistake: When the Wooly What's-it releases the rock blocking the cave to Rainbow falls, the water splashes on the fobs. When they hop over and jump in, one of the fobs disappears and reappears.

The New M.A.V.O. Member - S1-E10

Question: When Teddy and his friends shrink down to get the crystals back they know that five crystals are real and one is a fake salt crystal. How did they know which ones were real and which one was fake?

Answer: Yes but MAVO had five real crystals and one fake one, and they all looked the same. There was no way of knowing which ones were real and which one was fake.

Answer: Grubby licked them and could taste the salt.

Answer: The only guess would be that the real crystals and the fake salt crystal look different somehow. They made the fake salt crystal, so they should know what it looks like compared to a real crystal. Also, they could have very easily done something to the fake crystal that was stolen from them so that they could tell it apart from the others.

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