Legends of Tomorrow

Legendary - S1-E16

Trivia: When Rip Hunter gets knocked over the edge of the building, he reappears standing on the Waverider (the time machine) as it rises up, with his arms crossed. He does so in the same manner as Marty McFly did in Back to the Future 2 when he reappears standing on the DeLorean (the time machine). They even used part of the Back to the Future theme music for the scene.


The Magnificent Eight - S1-E11

Trivia: In the town of Salvation there's a place called "Kubert's Barber Shop." Joseph Kubert was a comic book artist for DC Comics and creator of Hawkman/Carter Hall.


Left Behind - S1-E9

Trivia: Not quite a mistake given the fictitious nature of the show; but in 1960, as a college physics professor, Ray makes a comment indicating one of the guys in his class is Bill Gates' father. Bill Gates' proper name is William Henry Gates III, and the man in class would be William Henry Gates II (or William Gates Jr.), which should have been enough of a clue for Ray who this man was. However, Bill Gates' father graduated from law school in 1950 and would have been 35 in 1960, not some young college kid taking a physics class as shown.


Left Behind - S1-E9

Trivia: After being stranded in 1958, Sara, Kendra, and Ray go to Hub City. Hub City is home to the DC comics character, The Question.


Aruba-Con - S3-E1

Trivia: When the team is stealing the Waverider, Sarah, says "engines to power, turbines to speed." In the 1960's Batman show, Robin would say "Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed" as they were leaving the Batcave in the Batmobile.


Invasion! - S2-E7

Trivia: The device made by Cisco for Supergirl to travel between dimensions works exactly the same way as that used by Darkseid, arch enemy of Superman.


White Knights - S1-E4

Character mistake: After Ray Palmer says he's an Eagle Scout, he says to Leonard Snart, "be helpful to others, scout's motto." The Boy Scout's motto (including Eagle Scouts) is "Be Prepared." "To help others at all times" is part of the Scout's oath, but that's different than its motto and not something an Eagle Scout would mix up.


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Jefferson 'Jax' Jackson: Is there anything you think about other than yourself?
Leonard Snart: Yes. Money.

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Season 1 generally

Question: Why don't the heroes use at least 2018-era protective gear to keep from getting shot or stabbed?

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