iZombie (2015)

1 mistake in Insane in the Germ Brain

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Insane in the Germ Brain - S4-E11

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the episode, a zombie hating teenager barges into the church to assassinate brother love. He ends up shooting a choir member instead. Although the gun goes off, blood splatters as if it were a head shot, and the man collapses, there is no point of entry. They forgot to CGI the headshot.

Johnny Frost: Frankly, I resent being questioned every time a hooker or stripper or dominatrix gets killed in this town. Why don't you ever bug me when somebody murders a plumber?
Detective Babineaux: You hang out with a lot of plumbers?
Johnny Frost: That was rhetorical. Look, hookers, strippers, yeah. But a dominatrix? I'm a married man, Detective. I already give way too much of my money to a woman who abuses me.


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