Inspector George Gently

Gently Liberated - S8-E1

Factual error: As Bentley is shown round the control room of the plant there are modern LED light panels and modern health and safety stop buttons which would not have existed in the 1960s.

Gently Liberated - S8-E1

Factual error: Gently and team shine a maglite torch into an underground chamber. The episode was set in 1970. Maglite torches weren't manufactured until 1979.

Gently Upside Down - S4-E1

Factual error: Episode starts "Durham 1966". When Inspector George Gently and Bacchus are questioning the girls on top of the "TV" studio the High Level Bridge is in the background and there are overhead electric masts on the bridge. Railways around Newcastle were not electrified until 1990. (00:22:00)


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