The Thundermans

Welcome to the Family Part 2 - S2-E25

Revealing mistake: When the family releases Chloe's bubble ability for the last time in the episode the bubble machine is visible.

Call of Lunch Duty - S2-E21

Revealing mistake: The stunt double for Bradford is rather obvious when he's in his wrestling uniform.


Thunder Van - S2-E1

Revealing mistake: When Max has the Thunder Van manual, Phoebe uses her telekinesis to get it back. The wires attached to the book are in the shot.

Weekend Guest - S1-E6

Revealing mistake: When the Venus Fly Trap is shrinking back to normal, the wires holding it up can be seen.

Who's Your Mommy - S2-E16

Revealing mistake: When the whip is sparking, no black marks are left on the floor.


Four Supes and a Baby - S2-E2

Revealing mistake: When Max pushes the stroller into his house, look into the stroller and you can see a baby doll, not a real baby.

Ditch Day - S1-E5

Revealing mistake: When Phoebe freezes the secretary, you can see that she is frozen before Phoebe's "freeze breath" gets to her.

Max's Minions - S2-E3

Revealing mistake: When Max is strapped to the armchair it becomes obvious on at least three occasions throughout the scene that the strap is not secure and he can escape the chair by pressing down into the fabric, but chooses not to.

Neil Jones

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