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Star Wars Rebels (2014)

2 mistakes in Twilight of the Apprentice

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Twilight of the Apprentice - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: Near the end when Ahsoka runs at Vader, for a split second when he turns around the part of his mask yet to be sliced off is already missing.

Twilight of the Apprentice - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: When Ezra and Maul exit the Sith temple at the end of part 1 and run into Kanan and Ahsoka fighting the Inquisitors, Maul is wearing a hood, pulled down. At the beginning of part 2, which begins immediately afterwards, the hood is gone, and remains gone for the rest of the episode. In addition, Ezra's lightsaber is deactivated, something that it doesn't make any sense for him to do.

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