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1 Pilot 1
2 Single Point of Failure 1
3 A Cyclone 0
4 Plutonium Is Forever 0
5 Shorthanded 0
6 True Colors 2
7 Father's Day 0
8 Risky Business 1
9 Rogue Element 0
10 Talismans 0
11 Revenge 0
12 Dominoes 0
13 Kill Screen 0
14 Charades 0
15 Forget Me Nots 0
16 Love Boat 0
17 Going South 0
18 Once Bitten, Twice Die 0

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Office Admin: Maybe I should go get campus security
Cabe Gallo: Feel free if you want, but my badge is bigger.



Walter accesses code on the sick girl's laptop to trace the source of the virus - aside from the fact that the code comes straight up a fraction of a second after his hands even touch the keyboard, the code displayed in the black window is for a set of traffic lights, with lines like "Walk/Dont_Walk" and "Green_Arrow/Yellow_Slow."



Robert Patrick complains about the rise of the machines and asks who is that gonna be good for? This is an homage to his role in the Terminator 2 Movie as the T-1000.