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The Law of Non-Contradiction - S3-E3

Officer Oscar Hunt: You don't use Facebook? You're kidding me. Everybody's on Facebook. It's Facebook.
Gloria Burgle: Could you stop saying Facebook?
Oscar: I got 352 friends. Most of 'em I don't even know. But...oh, and, and this one time, I met this chick, she was smoking hot. Then she turned out to be a Nigerian man...who wanted money.


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Morton's Fork - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Greta sits down with the shotgun, it is pointing directly at Lou, horizontally angled. However, after a cut, the gun is suddenly pointing diagonally, at an angle. It is also strange that Lou, a former police officer, doesn't caution his novice granddaughter against pointing a loaded gun at him. (00:40:15)


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Trivia: In the flashback scene at the beginning of Episode 4, the young Stavros Milos finds a case of money buried in the snow, next to a fence on the road where his car runs out of gas. This is the same case that Carl Showalter buried there in the 1996 Fargo movie. It was the ransom money for Jerry Lungegard's wife. Stavros apparently used it to start his grocery business.

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