WKRP in Cincinnati
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Season 1
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1 Pilot: Part 1 0
2 Pilot: Part 2 1
3 Les on a Ledge 0
4 Hoodlum Rock 0
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6 Bailey's Show 1
7 Turkeys Away 0
8 Love Returns 0
9 Mama's Review 0
10 A Date with Jennifer 0
11 The Contest Nobody Could Win 0
12 Tornado 0
13 Goodbye Johnny 0
14 Johnny Comes Back 0
15 Never Leave Me, Lucille 0
16 I Want to Keep My Baby 0
17 Commercial Break 0
18 Who Is Gordon Sims? 0

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Les Nessman: Last night at that house, did anything happen?
Jennifer Marlowe: I met a lady whose car I have to replace and I discovered we have a sex pervert in the neighborhood.
Les Nessman: No, I mean did anything unusual happen?



When they switch over to a rock format at the station, Dr. Johnny Fever puts on the first record and sets up the needle. The needle then proceeds to ride across the entire record when it starts to spin all the way to the center of the record.



The show was videotaped instead of filmed because it was cheaper to obtain the rights to rock songs for a taped show.