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Revealing mistake: When Osborn is gassed inside the vault and the doctor comes to aid him, 2 green squares are reflected on his glasses. The green fumes are already gone so it can't be that. Plus from the opposite angle there's no green wall anywhere, so it was the green screen used on the set or a continuity error when fumes were still on the set.

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Suggested correction: I think it's the green smoke reflecting on his glasses. The chamber has rectangular windows so that's why the reflections are rectangular.


No, when he is helping him the green smoke is already gone.

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I don't think it's green screen, they look a bit small for that but there's something there, you are right. There're green little rectangles on his glasses even when he is doing CPR, when he is looking directly at Norman's face but no green stuff around Norman's head. Perhaps green smoke would be harmful or expensive, so they used regular white vapor and shone green lights on the smoke to make it appear green and later forgot to turn those lights off.


There are monitors with green colored animations throughout that scene, in fact we can see a monitor behind the doctor in the shared screenshot. It could be that the monitor is getting reflected on the glass walls of the chamber which then gets reflected on doctor's glasses.


I just submitted a picture where one can see there's nothing green in front of the doctor.

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