Quotes from Verna Bloom movies and TV shows

June: Why are you doing this?
Paul Hackett: What?
June: You flirt with me. You share your cigarette with me. You dance with me. You're nice to me. Why are doing this?
Paul Hackett: I want - to live.
Club Berlin Bartender: Okay, sorry folks, we're closin' up.
Paul Hackett: I just.
Club Berlin Bartender: Time to go home.
Paul Hackett: Want to live. Live.
June: Come downstairs with me, Paul. Come on.

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Sarah Belding: Be careful. You're a man who makes people afraid, and that's dangerous.
The Stranger: It's what people know about themselves inside that makes 'em afraid.

The Stranger: I'd love to oblige you. But a man's got to get his rest sometime.
Sarah Belding: Oblige me?
The Stranger: But I tell you what, if you'd come back in about half hour, I'll see what I can do, all right?

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