Quotes from Yun-Fat Chow movies and TV shows

Monk With No Name: Somehow I sense he has potential.
Jade: Really? I sense he's mostly full of s.
Monk With No Name: But rich manure can fertilize fields which will feed millions.

Monk With No Name: An enlightened man would offer a weary traveler a bed for the night, and invite him to share a quiet conversation over a bowl of Cocoa Puffs.

Monk With No Name: It's not about anger - it's about peace. It's not about power - it's about grace. It's not about knowing your enemy - it's about knowing yourself.

Monk With No Name: Water which is too pure has no fish.

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Nick Chen: Beef intestine noodle?
Danny Wallace: Uh, no.
Nick Chen: You wanna be Chinese, you gotta eat the gross stuff.

Nick Chen: Do it wrong... and I go out of my way to bury you.

Danny Wallace: How do I know I can trust you?
Nick Chen: You don't.

Nick Chen: Black or red plum?
Danny Wallace: Nah, I don't like plums.
Nick Chen: What do you mean you don't like plums?
Danny Wallace: I like peaches.
Nick Chen: Peaches is shit. Haven't you ever heard the song Sinatra sang? 'Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum.' Not a peach, a plum.
Danny Wallace: I don't care if he pulled a raisin out of Sammy Davis' eye-socket, I prefer peaches.

Nick Chen: You don't change Chinatown, it changes you.

Nick Chen: You know Chinese don't trust whites or cops, and you send me a white cop?

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Emperor Ping: What I do not give, you must never take by force.

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Master Roshi: In an ancient time, Earth was nearly destroyed. Not by man, but by Gods from the sky.

Goku: I'm not ready for this.
Master Roshi: You are the only one who can do it.

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John Lee: It will be the last death I cause.

John Lee: I'll need guns.

Meg Coburn: You know, you could've saved yourself a lot of trouble just by doing that third job.
John Lee: It was wrong. Mr. Wei was taking revenge. A man named Zedkov killed his son.
Meg Coburn: Zedkov? Jesus Christ. You're getting yourself killed for a cop?
John Lee: Not a cop. His son.
Meg Coburn: What?
John Lee: A seven-year-old boy.
Meg Coburn: Why?
John Lee: That's how Mr. Wei deals with his enemies. Through their families.

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