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Abby Mallard: Tough morning?
Chicken Little: I had a run-in with my old nemesis.
Abby Mallard: Gum on the crosswalk?
Chicken Little: He won this round.
Abby Mallard: Your old foe.
Chicken Little: Mmm-hmm.

Chicken Little: A piece of the sky? Shaped like a stop sign? Not again.

Ace - Hollywood Chicken Little: Are you ready to rock?
Hollywood Runt: Ain't no mountain high enough. Ain't no valley low.

Buck Cluck: I'd like to see the movie they make about you now.
Chicken Little: I just hope they stay true to what really happened?
Buck Cluck: Oh, son. These people are from Hollywood. The one thing they will never do is mess with a good story.

Coach: Okay, kid. Listen up. You have an itty-bitty, teeny-tiny strike zone. There's no way he can throw you out! Just take the walk and don't swing.
Chicken Little: Yeah. But, Coach. I have a good feeling about.
Coach: Look. Look at me, look at me. Don't swing, take the walk, you hear me? Just take the walk.
Chicken Little: But, coach! Wait.
Coach: Don't swing.

Chicken Little: I put on five ounces this year. I've really bulked up.

Chicken Little: Modern Mallard says avoiding closure can lead to molting, and I'm already small and on top of that I don't think I can handle being bald.

Buck Cluck: The commemorative plates.
Chicken Little: Yeah, yeah.
Buck Cluck: You know, you saw them, right?
Chicken Little: Yeah, I saw them.
Buck Cluck: You can't eat off 'em, but they're there.
Chicken Little: Well, they're not microwave safe.

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Obnoxious Girl: I'll have a Ketel Cosmo, with Red Bull - and some bread ASAP.
Andrew Largeman: ...We don't have bread.
Obnoxious Girl: What do you mean you don't have bread, how can you not have bread?
Andrew Largeman: ...we're a Vietnamese restaurant... we just don't have bread.
Obnoxious Girl: Well, you're not Vietnamese.
Andrew Largeman: ...No, I'm not.
Obnoxious Girl: Can I have something to chew on! Fuck, bamboo! Whatever.
Andrew Largeman: I'll see what I can find.

Sam: You're in it right now, aren't you?
Andrew Largeman: What?
Sam: My mom always says that, when she can see I'm like working something out in my head, she's like, 'you're in it right now' and I'm looking at you're telling this story, and you're definitely in it.

Sam: So what are you here for?
Andrew Largeman: What are you here for?
Sam: Waiting for a friend, you?
Andrew Largeman: I uh.
Sam: Oh fuck, that was so nosy. I'm sorry, ack. I am. I am so nosy. I didn't I didn't mean to be. I am sorry.
Andrew Largeman: No, I just get these headaches. I wanna have em checked out.
Sam: Cool.

Andrew Largeman: So how do people know what's real?
Sam: Well, I always feel bad afterwards and admit them when they're lies. Can you trust that?

Mark: Hey, vagina.
Andrew Largeman: Hey, what's up, guys? Uh, Sam, it's Mark, Dave, and you remember Jesse.
Jesse: Hey.
Sam: Hey.
Dave: What's up?
Mark: Hey, nice to meet you. I'm sorry I said vagina just now. I didn't know you were here.
Sam: Oh, that's okay.
Mark: Nice. Let's get fucked up.

Andrew Largeman: You changed my life. You changed my life, and I've known you four days. This is the start of something really big, but right now, I gotta go.

Sam: I haven't even lied in like two days.
Andrew Largeman: Is that true?
Sam: No.

Andrew Largeman: Who are you?
Sam: I'm your new friend Sam. Tissue?

Andrew Largeman: My mom just died. God, it's weird to say it out loud, but... my mom just died.

Mark: So this is it.
Andrew Largeman: So knock... knock and barter for Desert Storm trading cards.
Mark: Don't tease me about my hobbies. I don't tease you about being an asshole.

Aunt Sylvia Largeman: I made you something. It's a shirt.
Andrew Largeman: Thats... That's good, thank you.
Aunt Sylvia Largeman: Will you try it on now?
Andrew Largeman: Now?
Aunt Sylvia Largeman: Well, in case I have to fix it before you leave again and we don't see you for another nine years. I wanna make sure it fits.

Karl Benson: Hey man, I thought you killed yourself.
Andrew Largeman: What?
Karl Benson: I thought you killed yourself. That wasn't you?
Andrew Largeman: No, no, tha-that wasn't me.

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