Chicken Little

Chicken Little (2005)

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Another piece of the "sky" on Chicken Little, who then realizes it's an octagon shaped object that camouflages. It actually belongs to a spaceship, in which the group finds a picture of the solar system with all the other planets from pluto inwards crossed out, leading them to believe in an invasion. While they flee an alien child named Kirby follows them. Chicken Little tries to get the town to see the spaceship, but they miss and thinks he's being an idiot again. The alien parents flips when their child is gone and mounts an attack. Everyone is getting zapped but Chicken Little finally bonds with his father and gives Kirby back. Turns out the aliens aren't dangerous at all, but only want their kid back. In the end, the group watches a movie of the event in which they're all portrayed as brave big muscled heroes that defeats the alien army.


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In the scene where Chicken Little lends the alien baby, Kirby, his handkerchief, after Kirby blows his nose, it sticks to Chicken Little's hand. Chicken Little then wipes the hanky off his hand on to the grass. In the very next shot, the hanky has disappeared, and never shows up again.



Australian comedian Mark Mitchell re-voiced Buck Cluck for the Australian release, but in an American accent.