Chicken Little

Chicken Little (2005)

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Chicken Little is hit in the head by an octagon-shaped platform. He overreacts to it, thus losing his reputation. He joins the baseball team and wins the game. Unfortunatly, another octagon lands in his room and flies away. He follows it, and finds a spaceship. Two aliens come out of the spaceship, along with a small, but cute little creature. The aliens retreat, but the creature is stranded. Soon, the aliens return with reinforcements...

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In the scene where Chicken Little lends the alien baby, Kirby, his handkerchief, after Kirby blows his nose, it sticks to Chicken Little's hand. Chicken Little then wipes the hanky off his hand on to the grass. In the very next shot, the hanky has disappeared, and never shows up again.



Australian comedian Mark Mitchell re-voiced Buck Cluck for the Australian release, but in an American accent.