Quotes from Mario Van Peebles movies and TV shows

Admiral Hollis: Thank you.
Captain James Winston: For what?
Admiral Hollis: For showing me what a real sailor could do.

Captain James Winston: Weapons, what's the status?
Weapons Officer Clancy: 10 more minutes, sir.
Captain James Winston: We don't have 10 more minutes.

Captain James Winston: I'm retired, it's Winston now.
Dr. Julia Flynn: Retired, just like the Iowa. But sailors never really retire, now do they?

Captain James Winston: They're not gonna sink MY battleship.

Lt. Caroline Bradley: There are more.
Captain James Winston: Tell the seals to pull in.
Lt. Caroline Bradley: Captain! there ARE more.

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Cole Parker: I want you to press the ignition button. You got me?
Dani Servigo: Ignition?
Cole Parker: Ignition. Yeah. Shit. He can't read. I tell you what you do. Hold up that first finger. Tell me what you see.
Dani Servigo: A finger.
Cole Parker: No, it looks like an "I." That's the first letter in "ignition."

Cole Parker: What is that thing? You hear it in all the Tarzan movies. Is it big? Does it bite? Should we be running?

Cole Parker: Put the gun down before I take it from you.
Dani Servigo: Put the gun down? Put the gun down? I'm gonna put the gun down your fuckin' throat.

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Mordechai Jefferson Carver: Hey, you don't wanna pick up this penny?
Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim: Nooooooooo.

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Jake: C'mon, you big overgrown goldfish, come to Jake!

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