Most horror movie revealing mistakes of 2007

1Wrong Turn 2: Dead End pictureWrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)7
2Resident Evil: Extinction pictureResident Evil: Extinction (2007)5
3Saw IV pictureSaw IV (2007)4
4Halloween pictureHalloween (2007)3
530 Days of Night picture30 Days of Night (2007)3
6The Hitcher pictureThe Hitcher (2007)2
7Paranormal Activity pictureParanormal Activity (2007)2
8My Name Is Bruce pictureMy Name Is Bruce (2007)2
928 Weeks Later picture28 Weeks Later (2007)2
10Hostel: Part II pictureHostel: Part II (2007)2
11I Am Legend pictureI Am Legend (2007)2
12They Wait pictureThey Wait (2007)1
131408 picture1408 (2007)1
14Planet Terror picturePlanet Terror (2007)1
15The Mist pictureThe Mist (2007)1
16The Orphanage pictureThe Orphanage (2007)1
17The Insatiable (2007)1
18The Deaths of Ian Stone pictureThe Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)1



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