Most TV continuity mistakes of 2005

1How I Met Your Mother pictureHow I Met Your Mother (2005)149
2Doctor Who pictureDoctor Who (2005)143
3Bones pictureBones (2005)108
4Grey's Anatomy pictureGrey's Anatomy (2005)102
5Prison Break picturePrison Break (2005)57
6It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia pictureIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005)47
7Criminal Minds pictureCriminal Minds (2005)45
8American Dad pictureAmerican Dad (2005)38
9Supernatural pictureSupernatural (2005)33
10The Office pictureThe Office (2005)32
11The Suite Life of Zack and Cody pictureThe Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005)26
12Numb3rs pictureNumb3rs (2005)20
13My Name Is Earl pictureMy Name Is Earl (2005)19
14Ghost Whisperer pictureGhost Whisperer (2005)18
15Ben 10 pictureBen 10 (2005)15
16Medium pictureMedium (2005)14
17Avatar: The Last Airbender pictureAvatar: The Last Airbender (2005)14
18Weeds pictureWeeds (2005)12
19Zoey 101 pictureZoey 101 (2005)10
20American Dragon: Jake Long pictureAmerican Dragon: Jake Long (2005)9
21The Closer pictureThe Closer (2005)6
22The Boondocks pictureThe Boondocks (2005)2
23Catscratch pictureCatscratch (2005)2
24Everybody Hates Chris pictureEverybody Hates Chris (2005)2
25Moral Orel pictureMoral Orel (2005)2
26Rome pictureRome (2005)2
27Surface pictureSurface (2005)2
28Point Pleasant picturePoint Pleasant (2005)1
29A Bear's Tail (2005)1
30Dirty Jobs pictureDirty Jobs (2005)1
31Committed (2005)1
32Blind Justice (2005)1
33The Triangle pictureThe Triangle (2005)1
34Invasion pictureInvasion (2005)1
35The War at Home pictureThe War at Home (2005)1
36Charlie and Lola pictureCharlie and Lola (2005)1
37Wildfire pictureWildfire (2005)1
38Wanted (2005)1
39Hell's Kitchen pictureHell's Kitchen (2005)1
40Related (2005)1
41Commander in Chief pictureCommander in Chief (2005)1
42South of Nowhere pictureSouth of Nowhere (2005)1



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