Most TV character mistakes of 2005

1Criminal Minds pictureCriminal Minds (2005)17
2Bones pictureBones (2005)9
3The Office pictureThe Office (2005)5
4Prison Break picturePrison Break (2005)5
5American Dad pictureAmerican Dad (2005)4
6Doctor Who pictureDoctor Who (2005)4
7Grey's Anatomy pictureGrey's Anatomy (2005)4
8Ghost Whisperer pictureGhost Whisperer (2005)3
9How I Met Your Mother pictureHow I Met Your Mother (2005)3
10The Triangle pictureThe Triangle (2005)2
11Supernatural pictureSupernatural (2005)1
12Numb3rs pictureNumb3rs (2005)1
13Surface pictureSurface (2005)1



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