Most TV mistakes of 2004

1Lost pictureLost (2004)345
2Desperate Housewives pictureDesperate Housewives (2004)199
3CSI: NY pictureCSI: NY (2004)105
4House, M.D. pictureHouse, M.D. (2004)97
5Drake and Josh pictureDrake and Josh (2004)56
6Joey pictureJoey (2004)48
7Yu-Gi-Oh! GX pictureYu-Gi-Oh! GX (2004)32
8Stargate: Atlantis pictureStargate: Atlantis (2004)31
9Veronica Mars pictureVeronica Mars (2004)25
10Drawn Together pictureDrawn Together (2004)25
11Entourage pictureEntourage (2004)18
12Instant Star pictureInstant Star (2004)18
13New Tricks pictureNew Tricks (2004)11
14Phil of the Future picturePhil of the Future (2004)10
15The Mighty Boosh pictureThe Mighty Boosh (2004)10
16Green Wing pictureGreen Wing (2004)9
17The L Word pictureThe L Word (2004)8
18Hustle pictureHustle (2004)7
19The Courtroom (2004)7
20The 4400 pictureThe 4400 (2004)7
21Doc Martin pictureDoc Martin (2004)7
22Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends pictureFoster's Home For Imaginary Friends (2004)3
23The Help (2004)2
24The Apprentice pictureThe Apprentice (2004)2
25The Brief pictureThe Brief (2004)2
26Summerland pictureSummerland (2004)2
27Hex pictureHex (2004)2
28Traffic: The Miniseries pictureTraffic: The Miniseries (2004)2
29Rescue Me pictureRescue Me (2004)2
30Lazytown pictureLazytown (2004)2
31Kr√łniken (2004)1
32Powers (2004)1
33Watch My Chops pictureWatch My Chops (2004)1
34Medical Investigation (2004)1
35Samurai Champloo pictureSamurai Champloo (2004)1
36The Grid pictureThe Grid (2004)1
37Corner Gas pictureCorner Gas (2004)1
38Boston Legal pictureBoston Legal (2004)1
39Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide pictureNed's Declassified School Survival Guide (2004)1
40The Days pictureThe Days (2004)1
41Mad About Alice (2004)1
42Overhaulin' pictureOverhaulin' (2004)1

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