Most crime movie mistakes of 2002

1Spider-Man pictureSpider-Man (2002)170
2Austin Powers in Goldmember pictureAustin Powers in Goldmember (2002)106
3Gangs of New York pictureGangs of New York (2002)88
4Minority Report pictureMinority Report (2002)76
5The Transporter pictureThe Transporter (2002)62
6Catch Me If You Can pictureCatch Me If You Can (2002)52
7Road To Perdition pictureRoad To Perdition (2002)46
8Red Dragon pictureRed Dragon (2002)36
9Chicago pictureChicago (2002)33
10Big Trouble pictureBig Trouble (2002)32
11Murder by Numbers pictureMurder by Numbers (2002)21
12Death to Smoochy pictureDeath to Smoochy (2002)15
1325th Hour picture25th Hour (2002)14
14Avenging Angelo pictureAvenging Angelo (2002)14
15Insomnia pictureInsomnia (2002)13
16John Q pictureJohn Q (2002)13
17High Crimes pictureHigh Crimes (2002)12
18Panic Room picturePanic Room (2002)10
19Welcome To Collinwood pictureWelcome To Collinwood (2002)10
20Blood Work pictureBlood Work (2002)10
21Stealing Harvard pictureStealing Harvard (2002)10
22Analyze That pictureAnalyze That (2002)9
23FearDotCom pictureFearDotCom (2002)8
24City of God pictureCity of God (2002)8
25Trapped pictureTrapped (2002)8
26Dark Blue pictureDark Blue (2002)7
27Auto Focus pictureAuto Focus (2002)7
28Confessions of a Dangerous Mind pictureConfessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)7
29City by the Sea pictureCity by the Sea (2002)6
30American Psycho II: All American Girl pictureAmerican Psycho II: All American Girl (2002)5
31Narc pictureNarc (2002)5
32Stark Raving Mad pictureStark Raving Mad (2002)5
33Spun pictureSpun (2002)5
34Bowling for Columbine pictureBowling for Columbine (2002)5
35Riders pictureRiders (2002)4
36All About the Benjamins pictureAll About the Benjamins (2002)4
37Dirty Deeds pictureDirty Deeds (2002)3
38Femme Fatale pictureFemme Fatale (2002)3
39Dahmer pictureDahmer (2002)3
40Empire pictureEmpire (2002)3
41Dirty Pretty Things pictureDirty Pretty Things (2002)2
42Half Past Dead pictureHalf Past Dead (2002)2
43Irreversible pictureIrreversible (2002)2
44R.S.V.P. pictureR.S.V.P. (2002)2
45Dead or Alive: Final pictureDead or Alive: Final (2002)2
46Deuces Wild pictureDeuces Wild (2002)1
47Lone Star State of Mind pictureLone Star State of Mind (2002)1
48The Code pictureThe Code (2002)1
49Undisputed pictureUndisputed (2002)1
508 Women picture8 Women (2002)1
5129 Palms picture29 Palms (2002)1
52Angela pictureAngela (2002)1
53The Hard Word pictureThe Hard Word (2002)1
54Killing Emmett Young pictureKilling Emmett Young (2002)1
55No Good Deed pictureNo Good Deed (2002)1
56The Badge pictureThe Badge (2002)1