Most romance movie mistakes of 2001

1Pearl Harbor picturePearl Harbor (2001)184
2Moulin Rouge pictureMoulin Rouge (2001)56
3Bridget Jones's Diary pictureBridget Jones's Diary (2001)48
4Shallow Hal pictureShallow Hal (2001)44
5Joe Dirt pictureJoe Dirt (2001)43
6A Knight's Tale pictureA Knight's Tale (2001)43
7American Pie 2 pictureAmerican Pie 2 (2001)40
8The Princess Diaries pictureThe Princess Diaries (2001)39
9Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back pictureJay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)34
10Shrek pictureShrek (2001)33
11Wet Hot American Summer pictureWet Hot American Summer (2001)33
12Saving Silverman pictureSaving Silverman (2001)33
13Save the Last Dance pictureSave the Last Dance (2001)30
14Kate & Leopold pictureKate & Leopold (2001)29
15Amelie pictureAmelie (2001)25
16The Mexican pictureThe Mexican (2001)21
17Serendipity pictureSerendipity (2001)20
18Monster's Ball pictureMonster's Ball (2001)18
19Vanilla Sky pictureVanilla Sky (2001)17
20Bubble Boy pictureBubble Boy (2001)16
21The Shipping News pictureThe Shipping News (2001)16
22Glitter pictureGlitter (2001)15
23Someone Like You pictureSomeone Like You (2001)15
24Angel Eyes pictureAngel Eyes (2001)13
25Life as a House pictureLife as a House (2001)13
26Enigma pictureEnigma (2001)12
27America's Sweethearts pictureAmerica's Sweethearts (2001)11
28Heartbreakers pictureHeartbreakers (2001)11
29The Wedding Planner pictureThe Wedding Planner (2001)10
30On the Line pictureOn the Line (2001)10
31Crazy/Beautiful pictureCrazy/Beautiful (2001)9
32Captain Corelli's Mandolin pictureCaptain Corelli's Mandolin (2001)9
33Bandits pictureBandits (2001)9
34The Musketeer pictureThe Musketeer (2001)8
35Original Sin pictureOriginal Sin (2001)8
36Osmosis Jones pictureOsmosis Jones (2001)7
37The Majestic pictureThe Majestic (2001)7
38Winning London pictureWinning London (2001)7
39Dr. Dolittle 2 pictureDr. Dolittle 2 (2001)7
40Holiday in the Sun pictureHoliday in the Sun (2001)7
41Good Advice pictureGood Advice (2001)6
42The Man Who Sued God pictureThe Man Who Sued God (2001)6
43Joe Somebody pictureJoe Somebody (2001)6
44Say It Isn't So pictureSay It Isn't So (2001)6
45Get Over It pictureGet Over It (2001)6
46Kissing Jessica Stein pictureKissing Jessica Stein (2001)5
47O pictureO (2001)5
48Down to Earth pictureDown to Earth (2001)5
49Baby Boy pictureBaby Boy (2001)5
50Two Can Play That Game pictureTwo Can Play That Game (2001)5
51Lost and Delirious pictureLost and Delirious (2001)4
52Sweet November pictureSweet November (2001)4
53Y Tu Mama Tambien pictureY Tu Mama Tambien (2001)3
54Summer Catch pictureSummer Catch (2001)3
55Iris pictureIris (2001)3
56Head over Heels pictureHead over Heels (2001)3
57Charlotte Gray pictureCharlotte Gray (2001)3
58Metropolis pictureMetropolis (2001)2
59Harvard Man pictureHarvard Man (2001)2
60Kill Me Later pictureKill Me Later (2001)2
61Dark Blue World pictureDark Blue World (2001)2
62Birthday Girl pictureBirthday Girl (2001)2
63My Sassy Girl pictureMy Sassy Girl (2001)1
64Love the Hard Way pictureLove the Hard Way (2001)1
65Monsoon Wedding pictureMonsoon Wedding (2001)1
66Mad Love pictureMad Love (2001)1
67Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India pictureLagaan: Once Upon A Time In India (2001)1
68Blow Dry pictureBlow Dry (2001)1
69Karmina 2 (2001)1

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