Most movie questions of 1996

1Independence Day pictureIndependence Day (1996)33
2Mission: Impossible pictureMission: Impossible (1996)18
3Scream pictureScream (1996)18
4The Hunchback of Notre Dame pictureThe Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)8
5Happy Gilmore pictureHappy Gilmore (1996)7
6Doctor Who: The Movie pictureDoctor Who: The Movie (1996)7
7Twister pictureTwister (1996)6
8Matilda pictureMatilda (1996)6
9Fargo pictureFargo (1996)6
10Evita pictureEvita (1996)5
11The Rock pictureThe Rock (1996)5
12The Craft pictureThe Craft (1996)4
13Romeo + Juliet pictureRomeo + Juliet (1996)4
14Star Trek: First Contact pictureStar Trek: First Contact (1996)4
15Trainspotting pictureTrainspotting (1996)4
16The Cable Guy pictureThe Cable Guy (1996)3
17Thinner pictureThinner (1996)3
18Beautiful Thing pictureBeautiful Thing (1996)2
19The Birdcage pictureThe Birdcage (1996)2
20Mystery Science Theatre 3000 pictureMystery Science Theatre 3000 (1996)2
21The Nutty Professor pictureThe Nutty Professor (1996)2
22The Phantom pictureThe Phantom (1996)2
23Emma pictureEmma (1996)2
24Fear pictureFear (1996)2
25Space Jam pictureSpace Jam (1996)2
26Freeway pictureFreeway (1996)2
27That Thing You Do pictureThat Thing You Do (1996)2
28The Island of Dr. Moreau pictureThe Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)2
29Jingle All the Way pictureJingle All the Way (1996)2
30Tremors 2 pictureTremors 2 (1996)2
31Mars Attacks! pictureMars Attacks! (1996)1
32Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood pictureDon't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)1
33Beavis and Butthead Do America pictureBeavis and Butthead Do America (1996)1
34The People vs. Larry Flynt pictureThe People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)1
35Black Sheep pictureBlack Sheep (1996)1
36Muppet Treasure Island pictureMuppet Treasure Island (1996)1
37The Crow: City of Angels pictureThe Crow: City of Angels (1996)1
38Primal Fear picturePrimal Fear (1996)1
39Eddie pictureEddie (1996)1
40Feeling Minnesota pictureFeeling Minnesota (1996)1
41The Frighteners pictureThe Frighteners (1996)1
42Joe's Apartment pictureJoe's Apartment (1996)1
43The Ghost and the Darkness pictureThe Ghost and the Darkness (1996)1
44Spy Hard pictureSpy Hard (1996)1
45Jerry Maguire pictureJerry Maguire (1996)1
46Marvin's Room pictureMarvin's Room (1996)1



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