Most romance movie continuity mistakes of 1993

1Dave pictureDave (1993)29
2Groundhog Day pictureGroundhog Day (1993)16
3Three Musketeers pictureThree Musketeers (1993)11
4Indecent Proposal pictureIndecent Proposal (1993)10
5The Pelican Brief pictureThe Pelican Brief (1993)8
6The Piano pictureThe Piano (1993)8
7Tombstone pictureTombstone (1993)7
8True Romance pictureTrue Romance (1993)7
9What's Eating Gilbert Grape pictureWhat's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)6
10Son in Law pictureSon in Law (1993)6
11Beethoven's 2nd pictureBeethoven's 2nd (1993)5
12So I Married an Axe Murderer pictureSo I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)5
13Benny & Joon pictureBenny & Joon (1993)4
14Sleepless in Seattle pictureSleepless in Seattle (1993)4
15Untamed Heart pictureUntamed Heart (1993)3
16Batman: Mask of the Phantasm pictureBatman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)3
17The Assassin pictureThe Assassin (1993)2
18Sommersby pictureSommersby (1993)2
19Wrestling Ernest Hemingway pictureWrestling Ernest Hemingway (1993)1
20For the Moment pictureFor the Moment (1993)1
21Return of the Living Dead 3 pictureReturn of the Living Dead 3 (1993)1
22Nowhere to Run pictureNowhere to Run (1993)1
23Body of Evidence pictureBody of Evidence (1993)1
24Indian Summer pictureIndian Summer (1993)1
25Three of Hearts pictureThree of Hearts (1993)1
26The Remains of the Day pictureThe Remains of the Day (1993)1
27Sliver pictureSliver (1993)1
28Look Who's Talking Now pictureLook Who's Talking Now (1993)1
29The Joy Luck Club pictureThe Joy Luck Club (1993)1
30The Thing Called Love pictureThe Thing Called Love (1993)1
31For Love or Money pictureFor Love or Money (1993)1
32The Age of Innocence pictureThe Age of Innocence (1993)1



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