Most drama movie factual errors of 1993

1Dazed and Confused pictureDazed and Confused (1993)9
2A Bronx Tale pictureA Bronx Tale (1993)9
3Schindler's List pictureSchindler's List (1993)8
4Rudy pictureRudy (1993)7
5Gettysburg pictureGettysburg (1993)7
6Carlito's Way pictureCarlito's Way (1993)6
7Tombstone pictureTombstone (1993)6
8In the Line of Fire pictureIn the Line of Fire (1993)5
9Sleepless in Seattle pictureSleepless in Seattle (1993)4
10Sniper pictureSniper (1993)4
11The Sandlot pictureThe Sandlot (1993)3
12The Fugitive pictureThe Fugitive (1993)3
13Falling Down pictureFalling Down (1993)2
14The Firm pictureThe Firm (1993)2
15In the Name of the Father pictureIn the Name of the Father (1993)2
16Menace II Society pictureMenace II Society (1993)2
17Alive pictureAlive (1993)2
18The Remains of the Day pictureThe Remains of the Day (1993)2
19Robocop 3 pictureRobocop 3 (1993)2
20What's Eating Gilbert Grape pictureWhat's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)2
21The Piano pictureThe Piano (1993)1
22Amos and Andrew pictureAmos and Andrew (1993)1
23The Snapper pictureThe Snapper (1993)1
24Best of the Best 2 pictureBest of the Best 2 (1993)1
25Stalingrad pictureStalingrad (1993)1
26The Secret Garden pictureThe Secret Garden (1993)1
27Needful Things pictureNeedful Things (1993)1
28Untamed Heart pictureUntamed Heart (1993)1
29What's Love Got To Do With It? pictureWhat's Love Got To Do With It? (1993)1
30This Boy's Life pictureThis Boy's Life (1993)1
31The Pelican Brief pictureThe Pelican Brief (1993)1
32Mrs. Doubtfire pictureMrs. Doubtfire (1993)1
33A Perfect World pictureA Perfect World (1993)1
34The Assassin pictureThe Assassin (1993)1
35Grumpy Old Men pictureGrumpy Old Men (1993)1
36The Real McCoy pictureThe Real McCoy (1993)1
37Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story pictureDragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993)1



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