Most drama movie visible crew/equipment of 1987

1Fatal Attraction pictureFatal Attraction (1987)13
2Robocop pictureRobocop (1987)12
3Wall Street pictureWall Street (1987)4
4Planes, Trains & Automobiles picturePlanes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)3
5Dirty Dancing pictureDirty Dancing (1987)2
6The Sicilian pictureThe Sicilian (1987)2
7Empire of the Sun pictureEmpire of the Sun (1987)2
8Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 pictureSilent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)1
9The Pathfinder pictureThe Pathfinder (1987)1
10Full Metal Jacket pictureFull Metal Jacket (1987)1
11Can't Buy Me Love pictureCan't Buy Me Love (1987)1
12Less Than Zero pictureLess Than Zero (1987)1



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