Most comedy movie revealing mistakes of 1984

1Supergirl pictureSupergirl (1984)21
2Ghostbusters pictureGhostbusters (1984)18
3Gremlins pictureGremlins (1984)10
4Beverly Hills Cop pictureBeverly Hills Cop (1984)7
5Romancing the Stone pictureRomancing the Stone (1984)6
6Splash pictureSplash (1984)5
7Police Academy picturePolice Academy (1984)4
8Cannonball Run II pictureCannonball Run II (1984)3
9Repo Man pictureRepo Man (1984)2
10Top Secret! pictureTop Secret! (1984)2
11All of Me pictureAll of Me (1984)1
12Bachelor Party pictureBachelor Party (1984)1
13Hot Dog... The Movie pictureHot Dog... The Movie (1984)1
14Sixteen Candles pictureSixteen Candles (1984)1
15Breakin' pictureBreakin' (1984)1
16Tank pictureTank (1984)1
17Sword of the Valiant pictureSword of the Valiant (1984)1



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