Most movie continuity mistakes of 1974

1Chinatown pictureChinatown (1974)73
2Dirty Mary Crazy Larry pictureDirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974)24
3Young Frankenstein pictureYoung Frankenstein (1974)22
4The Man with the Golden Gun pictureThe Man with the Golden Gun (1974)16
5The Godfather: Part II pictureThe Godfather: Part II (1974)15
6Carry On Dick pictureCarry On Dick (1974)13
7The Texas Chainsaw Massacre pictureThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)12
8Blazing Saddles pictureBlazing Saddles (1974)11
9Earthquake pictureEarthquake (1974)9
10Towering Inferno pictureTowering Inferno (1974)9
11Airport 1975 pictureAirport 1975 (1974)7
12Murder on the Orient Express pictureMurder on the Orient Express (1974)6
13The Longest Yard pictureThe Longest Yard (1974)6
14Confessions of a Window Cleaner pictureConfessions of a Window Cleaner (1974)5
15The Year Without a Santa Claus pictureThe Year Without a Santa Claus (1974)3
16Herbie Rides Again pictureHerbie Rides Again (1974)3
17Gone in 60 Seconds pictureGone in 60 Seconds (1974)3
18Dark Star pictureDark Star (1974)2
19Foxy Brown pictureFoxy Brown (1974)2
20Thunderbolt and Lightfoot pictureThunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)2
21The Four Musketeers pictureThe Four Musketeers (1974)1
22Death Wish pictureDeath Wish (1974)1
23Life Size (1974)1
24The Night Porter pictureThe Night Porter (1974)1
25The Great Gatsby pictureThe Great Gatsby (1974)1
26The Taking of Pelham One Two Three pictureThe Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)1
27Where the Lilies Bloom pictureWhere the Lilies Bloom (1974)1
28Stardust pictureStardust (1974)1
29Phantom of the Paradise picturePhantom of the Paradise (1974)1