Most movie factual errors of 1958

1Ice Cold In Alex pictureIce Cold In Alex (1958)4
2A Night to Remember pictureA Night to Remember (1958)3
3No Time For Sergeants pictureNo Time For Sergeants (1958)3
4The Vikings pictureThe Vikings (1958)2
5The Blob pictureThe Blob (1958)1
6Run Silent Run Deep pictureRun Silent Run Deep (1958)1
7Earth vs. the Spider pictureEarth vs. the Spider (1958)1
8The Badlanders pictureThe Badlanders (1958)1
9Dunkirk pictureDunkirk (1958)1
10The Square Peg pictureThe Square Peg (1958)1
11Curse of the Faceless Man pictureCurse of the Faceless Man (1958)1