Most movie mistakes of 1955

1Lady and the Tramp pictureLady and the Tramp (1955)24
2The Court Jester pictureThe Court Jester (1955)15
3To Catch a Thief pictureTo Catch a Thief (1955)13
4Heir-Conditioned (1955)11
5Guys and Dolls pictureGuys and Dolls (1955)11
6This Is a Life? pictureThis Is a Life? (1955)10
7Bride of the Monster pictureBride of the Monster (1955)10
8Stork Naked pictureStork Naked (1955)9
9Oklahoma pictureOklahoma (1955)9
10The Seven Year Itch pictureThe Seven Year Itch (1955)9
11Bad Day at Black Rock pictureBad Day at Black Rock (1955)8
12Speedy Gonzales pictureSpeedy Gonzales (1955)8
13The Night of the Hunter pictureThe Night of the Hunter (1955)8
14Hyde and Hare pictureHyde and Hare (1955)7
15The Ladykillers pictureThe Ladykillers (1955)6
16Lighthouse Mouse (1955)6
17Designs on Jerry (1955)6
18One Froggy Evening pictureOne Froggy Evening (1955)6
19Pests for Guests (1955)6
20Mister Roberts pictureMister Roberts (1955)5
21Marty pictureMarty (1955)5
22Rebel Without a Cause pictureRebel Without a Cause (1955)5
23Roman Legion-Hare pictureRoman Legion-Hare (1955)5
24This Island Earth pictureThis Island Earth (1955)4
25The Hole Idea pictureThe Hole Idea (1955)3
26The Trouble with Harry pictureThe Trouble with Harry (1955)3
27Knight-Mare Hare pictureKnight-Mare Hare (1955)3
28Strategic Air Command pictureStrategic Air Command (1955)3
29Guided Muscle pictureGuided Muscle (1955)3
30Smarty Cat (1955)2
31East of Eden pictureEast of Eden (1955)2
32To Hell and Back pictureTo Hell and Back (1955)2
33The Far Horizons pictureThe Far Horizons (1955)2
34The Cockleshell Heroes pictureThe Cockleshell Heroes (1955)2
35Tarantula pictureTarantula (1955)2
36The Dam Busters pictureThe Dam Busters (1955)2
37Storm Over the Nile (1955)2
38Pecos Pest (1955)2
39Ready.. Set.. Zoom! pictureReady.. Set.. Zoom! (1955)1
40Daddy Long Legs pictureDaddy Long Legs (1955)1
41The Quatermass Experiment pictureThe Quatermass Experiment (1955)1
42Rabbit Rampage pictureRabbit Rampage (1955)1
43Blackboard Jungle pictureBlackboard Jungle (1955)1
44Five Guns West pictureFive Guns West (1955)1
45Gigantis the Fire Monster pictureGigantis the Fire Monster (1955)1
46Underwater! pictureUnderwater! (1955)1

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