Most movie revealing mistakes of 1953

1The War of the Worlds pictureThe War of the Worlds (1953)8
2It Came from Outer Space pictureIt Came from Outer Space (1953)4
3Shane pictureShane (1953)3
4Stalag 17 pictureStalag 17 (1953)2
5Hondo pictureHondo (1953)2
6Niagara pictureNiagara (1953)2
7Island In The Sky pictureIsland In The Sky (1953)2
8The Long, Long Trailer pictureThe Long, Long Trailer (1953)1
9The Cruel Sea pictureThe Cruel Sea (1953)1
10King of the Khyber Rifles pictureKing of the Khyber Rifles (1953)1
11Knights of the Round Table pictureKnights of the Round Table (1953)1
12House of Wax pictureHouse of Wax (1953)1