It Came from Outer Space

Revealing mistake: As the spaceship heads back into space, it leaves the same way that it crashed - they reversed the film. (01:18:30)

Larry Koehn

Revealing mistake: Richard Carlson almost falls into a hole in a cave. He catches himself and then a rock falls into the hole. The rock must have been some ten feet away, to his left, from where Carlson stumbled. (01:11:10)

Larry Koehn

Revealing mistake: Carlson touches a conical drive generator which was shooting rays into the spaceship. The cone swivels a few degrees to the right, but the rays don't move. (01:15:35)

Larry Koehn

Revealing mistake: The old telephone repairman is shot at by the posse as he is driving his repair truck. The bullets hitting the windshield leave black marks, but it is hard to tell if it is a special type of glass or paint balls when the "bullets" hit. Why? There are NO holes in the windshield as you can see in the close-up of the actor in the truck face-on. (01:09:05)

Larry Koehn

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Visible crew/equipment: The alien takes a stroll through the Arizona desert after crashing. The animals are frightened and run away with the exception of the owl. The bird has a string tied to its left leg and someone off camera yanks it, and the bird screeches and does a complete flip while flapping its wings. It looks hilarious - poor owl. (00:07:15)

Larry Koehn

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Ellen Fields: If we've been seeing things, it's because we DID see them.

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Trivia: The point-of-view of the bug-eyed monster is seen throughout the movie. It looks like a bowl with fluid in the center with five lights surrounding the bowl.

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