Most comedy TV deliberate mistakes of all time

1The Simpsons pictureThe Simpsons (1989)13
2King of the Hill pictureKing of the Hill (1997)9
3Monk pictureMonk (2002)6
4Friends pictureFriends (1994)5
5Sex and the City pictureSex and the City (1998)5
6I Love Lucy pictureI Love Lucy (1951)5
7M*A*S*H pictureM*A*S*H (1972)5
8Frasier pictureFrasier (1993)4
9The Andy Griffith Show pictureThe Andy Griffith Show (1960)4
10Scrubs pictureScrubs (2001)4
11Glee pictureGlee (2009)4
12The Fairly OddParents pictureThe Fairly OddParents (2001)3
13Red Dwarf pictureRed Dwarf (1988)3
14Futurama pictureFuturama (1999)3
15Seinfeld pictureSeinfeld (1990)3
16Blackadder pictureBlackadder (1986)3
17Fawlty Towers pictureFawlty Towers (1975)3
18The Brady Bunch pictureThe Brady Bunch (1969)3
19Little Britain pictureLittle Britain (2003)3
20Family Guy pictureFamily Guy (1999)3
21South Park pictureSouth Park (1997)3
22The Cleveland Show pictureThe Cleveland Show (2009)2
23Charmed pictureCharmed (1998)2
24Hannah Montana pictureHannah Montana (2006)2
25Only Fools and Horses pictureOnly Fools and Horses (1981)2
26Bewitched pictureBewitched (1964)2
27Get Smart pictureGet Smart (1965)2
28The King of Queens pictureThe King of Queens (1998)2
29Desperate Housewives pictureDesperate Housewives (2004)2
30Monty Python's Flying Circus pictureMonty Python's Flying Circus (1969)1