Continuity mistake: During the "Why Should I Worry" song, Dodger goes with his "scarf" of sausages through a basin full of wet cement. Logically the cement should be stuck on the sausages, though that does not appear to happen, even though the sausages went through the cement. There is cement on his paws, though, that he needs to wash off.


20th Jun 2009

The Green Mile (1999)

Question: After killing "Wild Bill," Percy is lying on the ground "puking" out Melinda's brain tumor that John Coffey placed into him. While Percy's spitting that out, one of the guards keeps yelling "Oh no!" I see nobody's lips moving to say that, so is that an audio error, or was the person not on the screen? Anyway, it really bothers me, but who was it who yells that?


Chosen answer: The camera is only on three individual people (Paul, Percy and the dead Wild Bill) when you hear Dean saying "Oh no, oh no."

MovieFan612 Premium member

Other mistake: On the Dutch edition of the POA DVD, you can choose either English or Dutch audio. During Snape's werewolf lesson, he demands the students to "turn to page 394". On the Dutch audio version Snape demands "page 349" (considering the way in which the Dutch pronounce numbers an understandable mistake, but still a mistake), and it occurs each time Snape demands for this page. However, the Dutch subtitles oddly enough get the correct translation of the page number. (00:49:35)


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