Corrected entry: The bay window that Bella sits in during the months after Edward leaves does not exist in her room in Twilight. There is no bay window on the second floor until New Moon.


Correction: There actually is a bay window on the 2nd floor, which you can see in the opening scenes of Twilight, when Charlie brings Bella to Forks. It appears as though she has 2 windows in her bedroom, from the outside.

Corrected entry: In the birthday party scene, the first shot of Jasper show his eyes to be the correct golden color, even as he first starts to run towards Bella. But in all subsequent shots during his attempted attack, you can see his eye color has changed to black.


Correction: This is not a mistake this is deliberate - the vampires' eyes change colour when they get thirsty. Jasper's eyes would have changed because at the beginning of the scene he was under control but once he smelled the blood he would become instantly thirsty.

29th May 2009

Twilight (2008)

Corrected entry: In the scene in the garage when Edward is trying to get Bella away from James, Edward tosses Bella's jacket to Rosalie. The first shot, Rosalie is sitting on the counter next to where Carlise is taking things from a cabinet. On the wider shot, Rosalie is standing without allowing enough time to for her to have changed positions.


Correction: The whole moving extremely fast issue has been addressed here many times. These vampires move with such inhuman speed, it cannot be seen. The whole family is on alert and is getting ready to flee. Everyone except Edward and Bella moves significantly during this scene.

Brenda Elzin

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