Corrected entry: The military's security is ridiculously inadequate. After Gort subdues the only two GIs guarding him and the spaceship, the military encases Gort in solid material, but later still only two GIs guard him and the spaceship when Patricia Neal arrives. With a development of this magnitude the US military would probably seal off the city.

Correction: One of the major themes of the movie is the hubris of government and military powers, who rely more on inertia than on prudent behavior. Yes, even *after* Gort thumps two guards, the response is to encase him in a new untested plastic and then go back to standard procedure, confident that he has been dealt with. The inadequacy of the response is what frustrates Klaatu throughout the film, so in that respect this is not a plot hole but an intentional theme.


27th Aug 2001

Copland (1997)

Corrected entry: When Sylvester Stallone is asked why he couldn't join the NYPD, he points at his left ear and says it was because of deafness...but his deaf ear was the right.

Correction: He used his left hand to point to his head generally to indicate deafness, not specifically to his left ear.


Corrected entry: The SUV on display in the mall would not be filled with fuel at all, let alone enough for Paul to pursue Veck to the airfield.

Jedd Jong

Correction: The dealership loaning or providing the vehicle would have 1-2 gallons of gas in the tank for driving it in and out of the mall, getting it up or off the car carrier, and into or out of the showroom. A new vehicle that size could easily drive 30-60 miles on that small amount of gas. That is well within range of the airport.


Corrected entry: After Wolverine knocks out Victor, after the fight at 3-Mile Island where the children are being held, Silverfox starts to talk to Wolverine. While Wolverine has his head turned looking over his shoulder at her, you can see the shadow of a boom microphone or some other piece of equipment on his shoulder.

Correction: Unless we know for certain what the source of the shadow is, this is not an error. There was, to my recollection, a large amount of infrastructure in the facility that could easily cast shadows on room occupants.


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