12th Dec 2018

Talk Radio (1988)

Other mistake: Barry is supposedly dead at the end but when the screen brightens before the shot pans up, his head wiggles a bit.

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5th Oct 2018

Radio Flyer (1992)

Other mistake: The newspaper at the gas station is dated 1962. The movie is set in 1969. The problem with this is that in the beginning, the narrator mentions that the Fisher incident happened 10 years before they moved to Novato. It has only been 7.

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The Brightest Star - S1-E21

Other mistake: When the bratty kid walks out of the garage to chastise the girl about her bike watch the lighting around her. As she walks out of the garage it's as if someone is dimming the light around her. It abruptly gets darker the further forward she walks.

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11th Aug 2018

Fargo (2014)

Eating the Blame - S1-E4

Other mistake: In the scene in 1987 which takes place where the movie did, the location of the case of money is different than it was in the film. In the film there were no power lines and it was on the opposite side of the road. The sun angle can be used as a reference. The film and this part of the episode were supposed to take place in the same spot.

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4th May 2018

Breaking Bad (2008)

...and the Bag's in the River - S1-E3

Other mistake: Walt pushes water jugs and several items toward Krazy 8 who is locked in the basement. Notice the ground has been disturbed where the jugs slide, indicating previous takes.

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11th Apr 2018

Cliffhanger (1993)

Other mistake: After the stalactite kills the man, Gabe lets him down. Notice how there's no blood on it.

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9th Apr 2018

Braveheart (1995)

Other mistake: Near the end of the battle of Sterling after Wallace nearly hits one of his allies on the horse, look on the right side of the shot. An English man wearing metal armor is fighting some Scots. He doesn't make much effort, barely swinging his sword. The Scots fighting him also don't put up much of a challenge either.

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Other mistake: Right as Austin performs "Daddy Wasn't There", the camera moves in on the band and people move out of its way. One of the extras on the left side quickly looks right at the camera and realises she needs to move.

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2nd Nov 2017

Gremlins (1984)

Other mistake: One of the evil Gremlins is messing with a stoplight by shorting out wires. The result is a very bright spark. Bright light is supposed to have a negative effect on the Gremlins - when we see them hit by the headlight beams in the bar they scream.

manthabeat Premium member

Other mistake: When Elliot's mother is reading to Gertie, there is a scene looking into the closet and we see her shadow as she is reading. Why don't we see Gertie's shadow? When we see them through the closet door they're sitting next to each other. We should see both.

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11th Sep 2017

Prison Break (2005)

Killing Your Number - S4-E22

Other mistake: Sarah and Michael are walking along the beach at the end. There is quite a clear path disturbed in front of them from where they practiced the shot before.

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11th Sep 2017

Prison Break (2005)

Call Waiting - S3-E3

Other mistake: Sucre is supposedly passed out, however when Lincoln puts him on the couch his arm moves upward.

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Suggested correction: That happens as he is put on the couch unfortunately I've seen enough people passed out through drink and or drugs that when moved do move their arms or legs slightly.

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1st Jun 2016

Dr. No (1962)

Other mistake: At the beginning of the film when the lady who is calling London on the radio is shot through the glass there is a jump cut. This shows that two scenes were spliced together. Perhaps the prop gun didn't work the first time. The framing of the shot noticeably jumps when the gun shot happens.

manthabeat Premium member

Other mistake: At the cemetery, Arnold shoots up the police cars. We then see his point of view, showing no human casualties. The problem is, he is standing up and further back from the drive. The shot from his point of view is down low and near a police car.

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20th Jan 2016

The Arrival (1996)

Other mistake: The power is cut to the satellite facility near the end, but Sheen manages to raise a powered window curtain to look outside.

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4th Dec 2015

The Goonies (1985)

Other mistake: The Fratellis catch up with the Goonies near the waterfall. Francis shoots his gun upwards but the rocks that fall on him come from behind him.

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17th Mar 2009

Miss March (2009)

Other mistake: Throughout most of the sequence in Hugh Hefner's office, the framing of the camera cuts the main character's head off. This is not a cinema error, this is bad framing. The framing fixes itself then goes back to cutting the character's head off.

manthabeat Premium member

Other mistake: The DVD release was created with a "pseudo widescreen" as various scenes cut off major action. The most obvious is in the beginning of the film when the main character meets the crazy girl. Her head is framed bottom right but the widescreen completely cuts off the crazy girl's head. This can be explained by the enormous aspect ratio of the original film, which is bigger than standard (USA) widescreen, that or a bad transfer.

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9th Mar 2006

16 Blocks (2006)

16 Blocks mistake picture

Other mistake: When Bruce and Mos Def are running through the alley near the beginning, they run past a Chinese man who slams a dumpster lid shut. Once Bruce pulls out his gun to look back, that same man starts running because he gets scared. In the next shot, he continues running, but soon stops as if he thinks filming is over. This is visible right before the camera pans to the right.

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