Beyond the Time Barrier mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the debriefing meeting near the end of the movie, a boom mic is visible hovering over the meeting table. (01:11:40)


Audio problem: When Neale arrives at the radio station and finds the bankrupt sign on the door, emergency sirens can be heard wailing in the background. The shot changes to a different angle and the sirens abruptly stop. When the shot reverts to the original angle the sirens can be heard again. (01:07:15)


Factual error: During the opening credits, Fernand Mondego is tipping back a bottle of booze on the rowboat. The bottle is quite out of place for 1814, as it shows modern "makers marks" on the bottom. Glass bottles during the French Revolution would not have had these markings; they did not start appearing on glass bottles before the middle of the 19Th century. (00:01:45)


Continuity mistake: When Cole fills the water jug at the creek, it is only about a fourth full of water when he caps it and hands it to Captain Burroughs. A moment later as they are walking away, the jug is almost completely full of water. (00:18:50)


29th Jan 2011

Creation (2009)

Other mistake: Just before the ending credits, this statement appears: "He was buried with full Christian honours, in Westminister Abbey." Perhaps the extraneous comma in that sentence might not be as noticeable if Westminster had been spelled correctly. (01:38:15)


5th Sep 2010

The Bible (1966)

Factual error: Abram's wife Sarai sends her maidservant Hagar to visit with Abram. As Hagar walks away with her back to the camera, a zipper can be seen on the back of her dress. Needless to say, zippers did not exist in biblical times. (01:49:40)


7th Sep 2009

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Continuity mistake: When Jules and Vincent are about to get hosed down, Jimmy's right arm is holding a pink towel on the right and a blue towel on the left. Jimmy hands Jules a soap bar with his left hand, but when the camera changes point of view, Jimmy's right arm is now handing off the soap and the towels seem to have vanished. In the next shot of Jimmy, the towels have reappeared on his arm but in opposite positions from where they were previously. (02:04:35)


28th Feb 2009

Scavenger Hunt (1979)

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