Corrected entry: When the marines go in with their helos to rescue Burnett, where is their air support? There should be at least 2 fighters and as many as four securing the area.

Correction: Actually the rescue choppers wouldn't of had any fighter escort for several reasons (A). Fighter escort is usually used for protection against enemy aircraft which the Bosnian didn't exactly have a whole lot of at the time. (B). Fighters would have been relatively useless in protecting the downed pilot and the choppers even with AGMs. (C). They did have air support. Those 2 other UH-1N's with the 2.75 in rockets and mini-guns. And finally (D). What would fighters have done to those tanks? AGMs and bombs are in to close proximity to the running pilot they would have vaporized him to.

Yes they would have fighter escorts. That's what happened when Scott O'grady was being rescued.

This film is not a documentary on Scott O'Grady.


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