Steven Lee

26th Aug 2021

Green Acres (1965)

Show generally

Revealing mistake: In "Busy Buddies" (1944), an angry bull knocks Curly over a fence. A dummy of Curly is used for the scene. As it sails over the fence, the hand of the crew member who threw the dummy is visible. (00:08:24)

Steven Lee

29th Jul 2020

Way Out West (1937)

Revealing mistake: Stan is using a block and tackle to hoist Ollie up to the balcony of Finn's apartment. When Stan lets go of the rope, Ollie falls and lands flat on his back. It is obvious by the awkward angle of the legs that a dummy was used. In addition, the dummy lands with the legs close together but in the shot that follows, Ollie's legs are far apart and one leg is in the air.

Steven Lee

Revealing mistake: As Ricky Bobby drives a test lap, one crew member tells another that Ricky Bobby is going only 26 miles an hour. In three close-ups of the vehicle, the reflection of the bleachers can be seen on the windshield. The reflection does not change. The vehicle is not moving.

Steven Lee

8th Jul 2019

I Do (1921)

Revealing mistake: Harold Lloyd is trying to cross a busy intersection. Apparently the scene was double-exposed. As one car passes by, it appears translucent and the streetcar tracks can be seen through it.

Steven Lee

15th Mar 2019

Hot Water (1924)

Revealing mistake: Harold is taking his family for a drive in his brand-new Butterfly Eight automobile. He drives as fast as 50 miles an hour. Three times, a close-up of the speedometer and odometer is shown but the mileage never changes. It stays at 2.4 miles.

Steven Lee

12th Jul 2018

Matlock (1986)

The Godfather - S8-E19

Revealing mistake: Ben Matlock is hosting a pre-wedding party for his goddaughter. Several cars are parked on both sides of the street in front of Ben's house. Each time the front door is opened, The View seen from inside the house looking out is the same matte painting used in every episode. It shows a house and trees but no cars.

Steven Lee

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